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Romance travel in an overwater bungalow - Unforgettable Trips

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Romance Travel

Sometimes you and your significant other just need time to recharge. Planning a getaway for two can be just the thing, whether it’s an anniversary or just a weekend out of town.

Romantic getaways tend to be focused on the two of you. What do like to share together? Is it a bathtub on a balcony, a jacuzzi on a mountaintop? Are you both history buffs? Wine enthusiasts? Would you like a hot-air balloon ride? Are you in a city with teeming nightlife, having a dinner for two at a restaurant high above town? Are you on your own private beach, with just the sounds of the surf and the birds to accompany you?


If your perfect getaway is child-free and you want it to stay that way, consider an all-inclusive resort. Regular hotels aren’t always child-free, but some resorts are only for adults. Or consider a high-end cruise, which doesn’t tend to attract many families with children.


Unforgettable Trips has helped many couples find just the right trip. Where do you want to go?