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unforgettable trips Africa & Middle East: Elephants seen on Safari


Africa and The Middle East

Many call Africa and the Middle East the cradles of world civilization. Ancient history along with stunning scenery as well as modern attractions abound in these beautiful, intricate countries.

African Safaris


Safaris are by far the most dreamed-about trips, and the most popular among our clients who visit Africa. The first decision to make is what animals you want to see. Tigers? The Great Migration? Elephants? Gorillas? You can find them all, but the tour we recommend and the time of year we suggest will be informed by your preference.


If you’re a photographer, we can help you find the most picturesque places to visit. If you want a hunting-based trip, we can recommend reputable options based on controlling overpopulation.


Once we know where you might go, we start considering the best, most respected tour companies in each area.


It is critical to choose a reliable, reputable company who takes seriously the idea of helping the communities they operate out of. It is possible to find cheaper options, but you are taking the chance that things can go wrong. We know, for instance, that tour groups tend to go through a lot of tires on bumpy African highways and roads. Reliable tour companies are prepared for contingencies, and won’t leave you stranded for hours while they track down more gasoline or new tires.


The infrastructure behind the tour is so important. Costs can seem high, but you are paying for something you can’t see: infrastructure and community support. For instance, reputable companies have contingency plans for a guest who might need a doctor, or be flown out for medical reasons.


Once we’ve helped you select a tour company, we can help you come up with a wonderful experience. Here’s an example of a trip for two we recently planned with a top, family-run outfitter who takes their responsibility to the community and the environment seriously. Our clients enjoyed:


  • Breakfasts overlooking the savannah
  • Picnic lunches
  • Hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti
  • Meetings with natives and other local cultural groups


Destinations in the Middle East


There are several popular destinations in the Middle East where we have lots of experience planning unforgettable trips.


  • Cairo and the Egyptian Pyramids are an exotic bucket-list trip, whether or not you add in a camel ride!
  • Petra, Jordan, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with archaeological wonders.
  • Dubai is known for luxurious shopping, towering skyscrapers, and lively nightlife.
  • Israel and Istanbul are often ports on cruises, and we can recommend the best for you


Unforgettable Trips keeps up with the status of tourism in Middle Eastern countries, and can recommend countries to visit, like those listed here, that are safe and welcoming.