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Caribbean & Mexico - Mexican pyramid


Caribbean & Mexico

Caribbean and Mexico vacations are all about relaxing and decompressing in the sea and the sand.

For many of us, the definition of a relaxing vacation requires sun and beach. The Caribbean & Mexico offer many options for beach lovers of all ages to find their perfect spot to enjoy sun, sand and sea. The Caribbean & Mexico is generally divided up into several regions: Western, Eastern and Southern Caribbean. With so many island choices, Unforgettable Trips can help guide you and your traveling companions to just the right location.


We love recommending all-inclusive Caribbean and Mexican Resorts to our clients. We specialize in matching the right resort to the right traveler. Some resorts appeal more to clients who want plenty of water activity; others to those who want a sense of cultural history.


“Our process of finding the right experience for our clients is all about customization.” — Unforgettable Trips


We also have tons of experience with other Caribbean and Mexican destinations. Our process of finding the right experience for our clients is all about customization. We find out what is important in a vacation, and tailor our suggestions to best match each person’s desires.


We are scuba-certified


Our scuba diving certifications let us know which areas are best for scuba enthusiasts. For instance, scuba activities are top-notch in Curacao, and the properties there are more budget-friendly. For a higher-end experience, we’d suggest Aruba or the Virgins Islands, both British and St. John’s.

We can tailor our recommendations to you


We like to recommend other experiences you might not have thought about. For instance, those with a sense of adventure who love sailing and ships might enjoy a Star Clipper cruise. Sailboats and clipper ships with a sense of grandeur cruise to islands big and small, some so tiny that no other ships can get there, or so exclusive that you couldn’t arrive any other way but by private jet. The experience is much like traveling on a private yacht with 150 other guests, and the clientele tends to lend a European flavor to the affair.