Laurel Brunvoll - Unforgettable Trips
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Laurel Brunvoll Travel Agent Head Shot

Founder and Owner

Laurel Brunvoll, CTA, MCC

Laurel has been working formally in the travel industry since 2004, but has been enamored with travel since she was a child. She took my very first plane ride when she was 11 years old. She grew up doing a lot of camping with her family and loved seeing all different places in the beautiful USA!  She firmly believes in the importance of first-hand experience and has invested in her own personal travel experience of 28 cruises, 22 Caribbean islands, Bermuda and Mexico as well as 6 countries in Central and South America and the Falkland Islands, and much of Northern, Central and Southern Europe. Laurel has traveled extensively in the USA and Canada, and has been to all but 4 of the 50 states.

Meet Laurel

Laurel has been passionate about travel since she was a young girl. During the 1970’s, not as many people traveled abroad, but her dad took many international trips for his job and brought back souvenirs and photos of exotic locations.  This fueled her desire to explore and curiosity to learn about new places.

She spent many years working as a freelance writer and has authored three nonfiction books and always working on the next writing project, but is so happy to found her place in the travel industry. After more than 11 years of working with people to plan special trips around the globe, she still absolutely adores sharing her love of travel with others. She works with individuals, couples and families who want to ENJOY the gift of travel together. These lifelong memories together can be made while either experiencing new places, cultures and activities or by simply enjoying some relaxation and rest.

She understands the importance of how vacations and those shared experiences can strengthen and rekindle family bonds and friendships. Her goal is to create an unforgettable, customized trips with VIP treatment along the way for each and every client, each and every time.

“I guarantee I will exceed your expectations while ensuring your travel dollars are spent wisely.”

–Laurel Brunvoll, Founder and Owner of Unforgettable Trips