Donna Nordquist - Unforgettable Trips
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Donna Nordquist

Travel Advisor

Donna Nordquist

Donna has worked in many aspects of the travel industry as Director of Hotel and Banquet Sales, wedding planner and corporate travel. She specializes in applying her expertise and knowledge to help the traveler and consistently exceed their expectations of their trip.  She enjoys talking to her clients and designing their trips with a high level of detail, as if she was taking the trip herself.  She will find her clients the best value and experience available to create life enhancing memories and experiences full of beauty, adventure, culture and most importantly quality time with the people they love.

Meet Donna

Donna’s love for travel started at a young age.  Annual family vacations took her to exciting places and truly taught the value of vacations which equated to special moments together making lasting memories.   In the overloaded schedules of today’s world, Donna realizes the importance of “taking time” away from the hectic lifestyles that so many live and makes it her job to help people have the gift of “time” spent with the people they love.  She cannot think of a better job than helping others fulfill their travel dreams.

She has been to many places around the world, some of her favorites include Norway, Estonia, Caribbean Islands, Bermuda and multiple yearly family trips to Disney World. In fact, she is a Certified Disney Specialist! Five words you can count on from Donna would be love, commitment, family, passion and fun!

Let Donna help you fulfill your travel dreams and truly enjoy the gift of “time” spent with the people you love.

“I cannot wait to plan many more travel adventures for our clients.”

–Donna Nordquist